We Offer Bonded Fillings To Seal And Cover Up Cavities.

Bonded fillings are a dentist-approved alternative for metallic cavity fillings, which sometimes leave patients unsatisfied with their smile due to their obvious appearance. Patients can rest assured that our natural, tooth-colored composite restorations will blend in with their surrounding teeth, offering both functionality and aesthetics. At RiverEdge Dental, our family dental clinics in Keswick, Bradford, and Orangeville all offer metal and amalgam-free options for filling in dental caries (cavities). Book an appointment today!

Bonded Fillings
White Fillings Riveredge dental

Benefits of Bonded Fillings

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Match the Color & Texture of Teeth
  • Strong & Functional
  • Improve Oral Health
  • Prevent Future Cavities
  • Applied in a Single Appointment
  • And more!

About Our White Fillings Bradford, Keswick & Orangeville

If a tooth cavity needs to be filled, our dentists use a vigorous composite resin that visually matches the texture and color of the neighboring teeth. Our amalgam-free dental fillings can be applied by your dentist in a single appointment, saving you and your family some time whilst improving the healthfulness and appearance of your teeth. Improving the appearance, health, and functionality of our patients’ teeth is something that makes us smile, too!

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