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TMJ Migraine Symptoms

As we discussed in the TMJ/TMD section, one common symptom of the Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is constant migraines. This can occur when the facial and jaw muscles are always active due to poor positioning of the upper and lower jaws in relation to one another. The result is that the muscles in and around the joint are perpetually “firing”. This puts undue stress on the musculature and can present itself through migraines.

In this case, it becomes imperative to find the comfortable position of the jaw and create a support that allows the jaw to be at rest. One measure that can be taken is the use of stabilization splints. These splints are plastic appliances that cover the natural surface of the teeth, offering a layer of protection. These stabilization splints prevent further wear and tear of the teeth through constant clenching and grinding. Additionally, the stabilization splints are fabricated to position the jaw in a way in which the jaw and facial muscles can be relaxed. The resultant elimination of clenching and muscular activity can prevent the recurrence of pain.

Proper diagnosis of TMD is the first step in establishing the appropriate course of treatment. If you are suffering from recurring migraines and have not had any success in eliminating them, call to schedule your first appointment.

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