To Our Riveredge Community,

The re-opening of our essential services is now in full effect. As of Monday June 8, our patient treatment and operating business hours have been restored to serve you and all of your dental needs. The health and safety of all of our employees, patients and their families, as always and will always remain our top concern and priority. As we navigate through new charters, we will continue to constantly monitor, adapt and administer all our approaches, efforts and protocols accordingly.

We want to present our community with exceptional standards to consider your best interests and safety at all times possible. We want you to be assured that we are fully within the scope of compliance with infection control procedures set by RCDSO ( Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario ), CDHO ( College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario ) and PHAC ( Public Health Agency Of Canada ).

Compulsory precautions for our appointment procedures and other safety measures are currently in place to provide a safe and seamless dental appointment.

You will be required to fill out our COVID 19-Screening Questionnaire, prior to your appointment to provide us with full insight on your current medical health.

Please find this form located below: